What We Do

Comprehensive Wealth Management

Our approach to wealth management is thoughtful and transparent. We begin by looking at the whole picture – what you value, your goals, and how you identify financial security. We then build a detailed analysis of your current financial situation that forms the foundation of a solid plan for your future. As we partner with you to turn your plan into reality, we’re always looking ahead. We proactively give you advice when changes are necessary so you can feel secure in your financial well-being.

As a comprehensive wealth management client, you receive fully integrated investment management and financial consulting services that are personalized to your needs and aligned with your values. We become your partner in all aspects of managing your financial life – from creating a budget to meeting with your estate planning attorney and reviewing your taxes.

We explain the underlying math in real-world terms because we believe simple answers are often the best answers.

How we work with you is just as important as the work we do for you. We are known for being smart and caring in an industry that divides the two. This means our wealth managers take emotions into account. Instead of following the industry standard approach of removing emotions from decision-making, we welcome them, work to understand them, and allow them to intelligently inform your most important decisions.

Our Difference is Our Strength
Traditional Financial Advisors
Robasciotti & Philipson
  • Mostly White & Male1
    Diverse & 100% Women-Led
  • Commissions from Selling Financial Products
    Only from Our Clients
  • Decisions Based on Money
    Decisions Based on Your Values
  • (Often) Patronizing & Paternalistic
    (Always) Respectful & Supportive
  • Purchased from a Vendor with Generic Constraints
    Built In-House with Client-Focused Customization
  • Removed from Decision-Making
    Integrated into Decision-Making
  • Smart or Caring
    Smart and Caring
1More than 68% of all US financial advisors are male and 77% of all US financial advisors are white.
Source: Center for Financial Planning 2016 Annual Report
Invest With Us

Whether you’re a comprehensive wealth management client, a member of the RISE Community of investors, or both, your investments will benefit from having the skill, experience, and attention of Robasciotti & Philipson’s seasoned wealth management team.

Our approach to professional investment management is based on five principles:

Don’t try to beat the market, let the market work for you.

Practice smart diversification and rebalance regularly.

Expect ups and down and stick with an evidence-based, long-term strategy.

Use advances in financial science to enhance portfolios.

Thoughtfully manage expenses and taxes.

This short illustrated video explains why the first principle is crucial.

Services We Offer

We understand that our clients have diverse needs so we offer a broad range of resources to help you achieve your goals.
Here are some examples of the services we provide to our wealth management clients:



Organize Your Assets More Effectively
Customized Secure Client Portal
Cash Flow & Budgeting
Mortgage & Debt Review
Coordination with Tax Advisors



Secure and Preserve What’s Important
Risk Exposure Analysis
Assessment of Existing Insurance Coverages
Beneficiary Review & Updates
Coordination with Estate Planning Attorneys



Plan Ahead for What Matters
Retirement & Lifetime Income Planning
Pension Payout Planning
Education Funding Analysis & Recommendations
Equity Compensation Analysis & Planning
401(k) Review and Portfolio Balancing



Align Your Investments With Your Goals
Comprehensive Investment Analysis
Asset Allocation, Diversification, and Risk Tolerance Determination
Investment Account Rebalancing
Investment Performance Reporting
Values Aligned Investing through RISE



Make a Lasting Impact & Leave a Legacy
Philanthropic Strategy Design (Giving Plan Creation)
Major Gifts Structuring
Family Engagement Planning
Non-Profit Board Service & Volunteering Advice
Collaboration and Network Building

Want to learn more about our services? Select any segment in the interactive chart below to see our benchmark for client success in that area. Be sure to take a look at our FAQs where we highlight some of our most common client requests and how we provide support.

Questions? We have answers!

Find them on our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us directly.