Worker Protections & Rights

No investment in companies known to have:

  • Ineffective policies protecting worker’s rights
  • Large-scale official or public negative human rights incidents in the last 3 years

Prioritize investment in companies with:

  • Freedom of association for employees (i.e., ability to form a union)
  • High percentage of total workforce covered by collective bargaining agreements
  • High non-compensation benefits (relative to peers), including pension and retirement plans offered to all employees
  • Fair distribution of non-compensation benefits
  • Significant training and support or programs for professional development
  • High supply chain labor management standards

Additional scrutiny in companies with a:

  • High employee turnover rate relative to peers
  • High existence of employee unrest (e.g., number of ex-employees on strike)

NOTE: This screen is similar to, but different from, Working Conditions.

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